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Our story started with a young woman, a young woman with a passion for traveling around the world and.. jewelry. During her travels she enjoyed collecting the most beautiful jewelry pieces that she could find from the most exotic locations around the world. She would pick up items and bring them home for family and friends or wear them herself.

As she grew older she discovered that she was passionate about starting her own business and decided it could not be anything else then a jewelry business and founded BYSAVANNA, a brand that focusses on timeless, minimalistic and high quality accessories that match any outfit and last.

BYSAVANNA jewelry pieces feature simplicity and elegance. Our commitment goes beyond trends and fashion. We create stylish, unique everyday items that aim to complete your outfit and add the sparkle to your look.

Our jewelry pieces are produced with attention and care. The quality of our long lasting products is what differentiates us. Our jewelry is produced with high quality products such as 925 silver, a lot of attention and care while keeping a strong focus on style. Investing in BYSAVANNA products allows you to enjoy your accessories for a long time.